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Jen B.

Posted 04/29/2022

"Dorothy was absolutely amazing from beginning to end of both the pregnancy and delivery. She was always available to answer any question I had and was so very understanding of me having severe HG during my pregnancy.

At the birth she kept me updated on what was occurring or being asked of me when I was too tired or focused to fully comprehend and helped voice my wants and needs throughout. She also helped my husband stay engaged and offered suggestions on how he could help when he was overwhelmed or unsure what to do for me and was just a wonderful guide to have in the room. If I have anymore children in the future I will definitely seek her services again!"


Posted 01/04/2022

"I connected with and hired Dorothy at 36 weeks with a breech baby, meeting her in person for a procedure the day before I delivered. At that time, my goal was to find someone to come to the hospital with me to attempt to flip the baby, as well as to be available for labor and delivery there. I hoped to find someone who could advocate for me but that also shared my faith and understood my wishes for a calm and peaceful environment.

Dorothy is incredibly easy to communicate with in text and in person, and has a wonderful balance of knowledge, passion, and wisdom. I was able to comfortably confide in her and receive honest and unbiased advice. She was professional with my medical team in the hospital, yet I felt like I was talking to a friend as she explained and reassured me of my options, being completely respectful of my choices.

Dorothy shared her training with breech deliveries and that there are midwives that absolutely would help me. She immediately made calls on my behalf!

I went into labor that very next day, but truly believed I was in incredible pain from the failed version. I texted Dorothy as I felt my body was just shutting down. She arrived and kept me breathing, calm and hydrated when I was on the edge of giving up. She massaged me through the incredible pain of my contractions, and gently reminded me what my body was designed to do. She cheered me on as I progressed in labor. Dorothy knew what she was doing, especially with breech and I am beyond grateful!

I had given up on many of my desires for birth, but all of these were fulfilled including: being in the the comfort of my home, fewer checks and interventions, eating and drinking during labor, immediate skin to skin and breastfeeding, saving the placenta for encapsulation, delayed cord cutting, and especially not being separated from my older children who would be unable to visit in the hospital due to COVID guidelines."

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Posted 02/27/2020

"Dorothy was our doula for our second birth. We had the goal of a non-medicated birth in a hospital, ideally a water birth in the provided tub. With Dorothy's help, we were able to have the birth we had hoped for.

Dorothy is a gentle spirit and naturally falls into the role of a supporter. She was able to strike the balance of offering advice and suggestions without overstepping and while still respecting the wishes of the mother. In labor, I am fairly self-sustained until the end, and Dorothy respectfully gave me my space until I needed her, at which point she was immediately by my side.

Dorothy was easy to communicate with and to schedule with, and she always let me know if she was going to be delayed for any reason. We had a winter baby, and Dorothy was abudantly clear that driving the hour to our house would not be a problem, even in snow or bad weather.

All in all, Dorothy demonstrated compassion for the pregnant, laboring, and postpartum mother, and she coupled her desire for the woman's physical and emotional health with professionalism and grace. We are grateful to have had her at our labor."

Katie Crabtree

Posted 02/20/2020

"We are so glad that Dorothy was our doula. She did so much to help us be prepared for and make the most of the birthing process. We desired a natural birth with minimal interventions and Dorothy fully supported us in that. She lent us quality resources and discussed with us what this might look like. Whenever I contacted Dorothy, she responded promptly and when we called to tell her we were in labor, she came right away. During labor and delivery, she was always there supporting me emotionally and physically. I definitely wouldn't have had such a positive experience without her. It has been a blessing having her support."

Valentin & Virginia Wall

Posted 12/05/2019

"After the hospital birth of our first daughter, we desired a home birth this time. Our memory of care given in the hospital was impersonal and somewhat unpleasant. Dorothy, one of my trusted sisters, happened to be working with the midwife we had chosen, and so we asked her to be our Doula. We found Dorothy to be very caring. She listened well and took time to talk things through with us beforehand and afterwards. She has faith in God the Father, and encouraged us to look to Him through the experience. She provided excellent support for achieving the natural childbirth that we desired!! My husband was also a wonderful support during labor and she made sure to incorporate him into the birth process by giving him additional ideas and tips as she could tell having him by my side was essential. Her sensitivity towards how we felt was much appreciated. During labor Dorothy kept the pool warm, fanned my face, placed a damp washcloth on my forehead, and helped guide my breathing pattern. In between contractions she served sparking juice which I felt helped me not to vomit. Her pleasant and peaceful presence helped create a sweet atmosphere. She did well in keeping me calm, and reassuring me that I could do it! Holding tightly to my husband's waist while in the pool, I gave birth to our precious baby girl. Dorothy was on top of it! She took pictures, gave us towels to dry, cleaned up the tub, and set things in order again. We are glad we chose Dorothy to be part in this miracle of birth. She was a real asset and definitely met our need. We'd do it all over again; 'tis a beautiful memory never to be forgotten. God is gracious."

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